Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement is an excellent option for patients with osteoarthritis only one one side of the knee.   Oftentimes, patients wear down only one side of the knee, and thus they may not need a total knee replacement.

A partial knee replacement is advantageous over a total knee replacement for a number of reasons:

  • Preservation of more of your natural bone and function
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Smaller scar
  • Less surgical pain
  • Less blood loss

What is Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is essentially wear and tear of the joint.  Just as our skin wrinkles with age, the cartilage inside our knees wears down as well.  Injuries, weight, activity, and genetics can all play a factor.  Due to their lifestyle and other factors, this wear and tear may advance more quickly in some than others.

As the protective layer of articular cartilage wears town, the sensitive bone is exposed.  This wearing down is what leads to pain, swelling, and deformity of the limb.  As the arthritis advances, one side of the knee may wear down faster than the other, causing the knee to become bowlegged or knock kneed.

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Who can benefit from a Partial Knee Replacement?

Bone on Bone in Medial Compartment

Partial knee replacements can be an excellent option for patients who have only developed significant arthritis in on region of the knee.  The knee is divided into three regions, or compartments.  The inner region, or medial compartment, typically has more wear and tear than the outer region, or lateral compartment.  Patients with significant wear (bone on bone) in the medial compartment, and no wear in the lateral compartment, may qualify for a partial knee replacement.

Not everyone needing a knee replacement may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement. Dr. Brown can make a preliminary determination by reviewing your x-rays. A thorough history and physical examination will be required for a final determination.

Dr. Brown can evaluate your x-rays to determine whether you may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement.  You may email or send your x-ray images to us, and we will respond via email.

Healthy Knee


Partially Arthritic Knee in the Medial Compartment.


With Partial Knee Replacement


The Procedure

A partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure typically requiring a one to two day hospital stay.  During the procedure, Dr. Brown will remove the arthritic bone and replace it with metal and plastics components
Partial Knee Replacement with Oxford® Implant Animation

After surgery, the patient stays one to two nights in the hospital.  During the hospital stay, the patient will participate in a personalized physical therapy program, and will start walking the day after surgery.   By two to four weeks after surgery, the patient can be walking without assistance.


You may set up a consultation with Dr. Brown for a full knee evaluation.  Dr. Brown will take X-Rays to evaluate your bones, the alignment of your legs, and assess the amount of space, or cartilage, remaining in your knee joint.  He will perform a full physical examination of your knee.  Sometimes, additional studies such as an MRI may be necessary before a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan can be made.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown, you may book an appointment online, or call our office at 713-526-2663.


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